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Mobile Apostille Service

What is an Apostilled Document

Apostille documents are required by many countries for both businesses and individuals. An apostille is a certification that authenticates the origin of the document and not it's contents. Similar to a notarized document in the US, an apostilled document effectively, certifies the authenticity of the signature or seal of the person, or authority that signed or sealed the public document being required by the foreign government.

Therefore, if you are a business starting operations in another country, or an individual relocating to another country you will need Apostilled documents

Why choose Chicago Mobile Notary & Apostille, LLC

We offer all our clients expedited service on any document requiring an apostille. Our expedited services are accomplished by ensuring documents are processed by the proper authorities and returned to you, in most cases, within 24 hours or less. Our Apostille service is offered at the most convenient and affordable accommodations.

If you're located within the Chicago area, we can travel to you, collect your documents, prepare all the necessary paperwork, and submit them to the proper authorities for processing.​

​​Out-of-state documents will require additional time for shipping and processing.​

Short list of items that may require to be Apostilled

Birth Certificate | Marriage Certificate | Death Certificate | Divorce Decree | Single Status Affidavit | Prenuptial Agreements | Passports | Bank Statements | Bank Account Ownership Statement | IRS documents | Utility Bills | Diplomas | Transcripts | Minor Travel Consent | Powers of Attorney | Contracts | Articles of Incorporation | Statement of Conversions | Domesticating to Foreign Business | Statement of Merger | Certificates of Correction | Certificate of Compliance | Entity Address Change | Notification of Consolidation | Foreign Corporate Name Registration | Trademarks/Patents | Service Marks | Certification Marks | Collective Marks | Background Checks....

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